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The Chile Relleno

This stuffed chili dish is a part of Mexican culinary tradition and for Mexican people it is a pleasant mixture of local and European ingredients.

History and Origin of Chile Rellenos Recipe

The chile relleno is regarded one of the most popular and emblematic dish of Mexico. Its origin dates back to the 16th century during the period of Spanish conquest in Mexico. ‘Chile en nogada’ is a variety of chile rellenos which has a strong historic connection with the independence of Mexico from Spain.

In Gus’ Kitchen

Carefully layering the ingredients inside of the peppers is the most vital step. Our chefs prepare chile rellenos by carefully mixing all the ingredients together in a proportionate manner and artistically layering the ingredients into the pepper. Once the chilies are stuffed, they are dipped in a light egg batter. The dipped chilies are then grilled. While grilling the chilies, they are turned once or twice in between to make them golden brown from all the sides evenly.

How to order your Chile Rellenos

Gus’ Chile Rellenos can be ordered as a healthy meal or split with friends as an appetizer. Add a side of flour or corn tortilla’s, then fill your tortillas with portions of each ingredient on the plate and you might have just discovered your new favorite Mexican dish!

Are Chile Rellenos Healthy

Gus’ Chile Rellenos are considered a very healthy dish as the pepper used is quiet healthful in terms of vitamins and minerals. Other ingredients such as meat, egg and cheese are also full of proteins and other nutrients. Take note while most Mexican Restaurants deep-fry the Chile Relleno, Gus’ grilling method makes this dish beneficial and healthy treat.

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