Patio Dining in Milwaukee

El Fresco Patio Dining in Milwaukee

After a long winter Milwaukeans are are hitting up Google and Twitter and making these search terms take on a life of their own:

But why bother with internet searching when the best place to land is on the beautiful patio at Gus’ Mexican Cantina in Franklin, Wisconsin?

Gus’ patio is where locals Dine El Fresco and enjoy summertime Mexican food favorites prepared by our Owner Gus’ Hossieni and his brilliant team of Mexican chefs and cooks.

El Fresco Dining for Milwaukee All Summer Long on Gus’ Patio

7 Days a Week

11:00 AM – 9:00 PM


I love to barbecue in the summer. Who doesn’t? But that also means shopping, preparation, cleaning the grill, messy clean-up, storing leftovers and doing the dishes.

When I’m in the mood to shut it down but still want the outdoor atmosphere, Gus’ patio is my home away from home.

Have you dined el fresco at Gus’?

Tell us your experience and what you ordered…